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The Most Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Survey For Higher Education
  1. Executive Summary Report:
    • This report highlights the salient items on the Core surveys in a narrative format; excellent for giving to administrators, directors, boards, and presidents.
  2. Crosstab Report:
    • This report contains frequencies, percentages, and bar graphs for each item on the survey along with breakdowns by gender. Other breakdowns such as class, age, race, residence, or student status are also available.
  3. Filter Options for Report:
    • You may order reports for different subgroups of your sample. We can filter for any survey item. Possible subgroups include freshmen, under 21 years of age, living in a residence hall, believing that the campus enforces AOD policies, etc.
  4. Weighting Options:
    • Weighting compensates for differential representation, thus producing estimates that relate to the target population, and allow greater generalization. Only crosstab reports can have weights applied.
  5. Data File:
    • You can obtain the raw data file of the surveys collected in your project. Available formats are SPSS, SAS or STATA.
  6. Liar Scales:
    • For use with SPSS Data files only. Standard scale consists of SPSS syntax to eliminate students from your sample that have not answered the survey items truthfully. Customized scales can be created as well.
  7. Additional Questions:
    • All paper surveys (except the Faculty and Staff) allow for 5 additional single-response option questions for no fee. Up to 100 additional single-response option questions can be added to the web-based surveys (fees apply).
  8. Customization:
    • Surveys can be modified for specific content or language or you can have a customized survey created for your school in both web and paper-based formats. Our full range of options ensures there is an option for almost any budget.
  9. Trends:
    • Up to five years of data can be displayed together, making longitudinal analysis much easier. You can purchase institutional reports and data files based on all years your institution has participated.
  10. Customized Reference Group Reports:
    • Reports can be requested based on the aggregated responses from any five or more participating institutions matching your criteria.
  11. Statistical Analyses:
    • Statistical analyses can be done to meet your research needs. Contact us for more information.
  12. Front Page (Privacy Statement):
    • A customized page can be added to the beginning of the web-based survey (which may consist of the informed consent information or any institution-specific message).
  13. Back Page (Completion Page/End of Survey Page):
    • A customized page can be added to the end of the web-based survey. This could include an incentive for the students to participate such as a coupon, an email link for the students to enter a raffle for a prize, or any institution-specific message. This page can also collect 3 fields of contact information such as name, phone or email.
  14. 5 digit vs. 9 digit:
    • With the 5 digit login code, all students who are invited to participate will use the same login code that will identify them as students of your school only. With the 9 digit login code, the first 5 digits will identify the school and the last 4 digits will be unique to each student and, therefore, allows for tracking responders and non-responders. The 9 digit code can also be used for incentives.
  15. Emailing:
    • Core staff can email your students to invite them to participate in the survey. If you want us to do the emailing, you need to send the text for the email invitation in a Word document and an Excel file of your students' email addresses.
  16. eCHECKUP TO GO Program:
    • Our collaboration with San Diego State University's program allows you and your AOD colleagues to make practical use of your unique campus specific Core data by integrating it into a substance intervention that has been shown to significantly reduce the destructive use and abuse of alcohol in 12 controlled trials across campuses in the US. More information at