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  1. Paper Based
  2. Web Based

Participating Steps

  1. Obtain IRB/Human Subjects approval and submit approval documentation to the Core Institute.
  2. Submit order form and payment.
  3. Send any additional information (i.e., front page, back page, additional questions, etc.) to the Core Institute. Once this is received, a researcher will begin setting up your survey. We will also need the administration dates (please allow at least 2 weeks for setup).
  4. A researcher will send you a link to the web-based survey for your approval. Please proof and send any changes back to the researcher.
  5. Once the Core Institute has your approval, your survey will go live and your students can be emailed the invitation to participate (either by you or the Core Institute if you ordered the emailing service).
  6. After the survey is closed, you will need to fill out and return the Demographic Survey to the Core Institute.
  7. Reports will be sent and any additional services will be billed. Turnaround time to receive reports is 4-6 weeks.