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SIU Students

The Core surveys are easy to use and will help any institution understand the drinking and drug norms of their college campus. Our surveys are the center piece for effective and data-driven interventions that address academic success and retention of today's college student.

Benefits of utilizing Core Institute Surveys:

  • Benchmarking to national, regional, and state data; as well as to peer institutions.
  • Customizable surveys that fit your institution's unique needs in both web-based and paper formats.
  • Low cost option to fit any institution's budget.
  • Formattable front and back page to add your institution's privacy and informed consent pages, as well as the ability to offer incentives.
  • Knowledgeable researchers that will guide you through the survey process.
  • Standardized data reporting that is useful and easy to understand.
  • All data reports are archived and can be accessed at later dates if necessary (some fees may apply).

Our wide variety of low cost products and services can help you easily and clearly answer this question, which will allow you to readily diagnose areas that need improvement.

Information gathered by our evaluation tools will also:

  • Uncover alcohol and other drug use rates on your campus.
  • Assess perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes of your students.
  • Identify which environmental factors are most influential.
  • Compare your results against established benchmarks.
  • Determine areas that should be maintained or improved.
  • Monitor the results of changes made to the program design.
  • Meet grant requirements for evaluation.